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Can you guess which Duck Daffy (type Da) or Donald (type Do) starred in each cartoon?

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Cartoon & YearDaffy or Donald
Porky's Duck Hunt 1937
Moose Hunters 1937
The Fox Hunt 1938
The Daffy Doc 1938
Officer Duck 1939
Wise Quacks 1939
Fire Chief 1940
You Ought to Be in Pictures 1940
The Henpecked Duck 1941
Golden Eggs 1941
Conrad the Sailor 1942
Der Fuehrer's Face 1942
Fall Out-Fall in 1943
A Corny Concerto 1943
Duck Soup to Nuts 1944
Contrary Condor 1944
The Clock Watcher 1945
Ain't That Ducky 1945
Wet Paint 1946
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery 1946
Straight Shooters 1947
Mexican Joyride 1947
Cartoon & YearDaffy or Donald
The Stupor Salesman 1948
Daddy Duck 1948
Holiday for Drumsticks 1949
Honey Harvester 1949
Hook, Lion and Sinker 1950
The Scarlet Pumpernickel 1950
Rabbit Fire 1951
Dude Duck 1951
The Super Snooper 1952
Trick or Treat 1952
Duck Amuck 1953
Working for Peanuts 1953
Dragon Around 1954
My Little Duckaroo 1954
Dime to Retire 1955
No Hunting 1955
Chips Ahoy 1956
Rocket Squad 1956
How to Have an Accident at Work 1959
China Jones 1959
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988

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