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Can you name the movies Jack Nicholson turned down given the role he would have played?

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Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Benjamin Braddock 1967Dustin Hoffman
C.W. Moss 1967Michael J. Pollard
David Sumner 1971Dustin Hoffman
Michael Corleone 1972Al Pacino
Father Karras 1973Jason Miller
Johnny Hooker 1973Robert Redford
Jay Gatsby 1974Robert Redford
George Lumley 1976Bruce Dern
Monroe Stahr 1976Robert De Niro
Travis Bickle 1976Robert De Niro
Roy Neary 1977Richard Dreyfuss
Elliot Garfield 1977Richard Dreyfuss
Father Lamont 1977Richard Burton
Martin Dysart 1977Richard Burton
Jackie Scanlon 1977Roy Scheider
Luke Martin 1978Jon Voight
Title Character 1979Malcolm McDowell
Capt. Benjamin L. Willard 1979Martin Sheen
Harry K. Thaw 1981Robert Joy
Daddy Warbucks 1982Albert Finney
Nick Hurley 1983Michael Nouri
Old Man Parker 1983Darren McGavin
John Book 1985Harrison Ford
Capt. Thomas Bartholomew Red 1986Walter Matthau
Allie Fox 1986Harrison Ford
Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Coach Norman Dale 1986Gene Hackman
Jerry Baskin 1986Nick Nolte
Gordon Gekko 1987Michael Douglas
Harry Angel 1987Mickey Rourke
Eddie Valiant 1988Bob Hoskins
Raymond Babbitt 1988Dustin Hoffman
Paul Sheldon 1990James Caan
Det. John Kimble 1990Arnold Schwarzenegger
Title Character 1990Warren Beatty
Peter Fallow 1990Bruce Willis
Hannibal LecterAnthony Hopkins
Jim Garrison 1991Kevin Costner
Mitch Leary 1993John Malkovich
Title Character 1995Anthony Hopkins
Congressman David DilbackBurt Reynolds
Mr. Hyde/Dr. Jekyll 1996John Malkovich
Hades 1997James Woods (Voice)
Archie Gates 1999George Clooney
Title Character 2000Jim Carrey
Tank Sullivan 2000James Garner
Sy Parrish 2002Robin Williams
Willie 2003Billy Bob Thornton
Older Ed Bloom 2003Albert Finney
God 2003Morgan Freeman

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