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Can you name the finishing order of the 1975 World 600?

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Finish/Car NumberDriverCar/Sponsor
2nd/11Chevrolet.Holly Farms
4th/17Chevrolet.Terminal Transport
5th/15Ford.Holiday Inn
6th/28Chevrolet.Gilmore Enterprises
7th/90Ford.Truxmore Industries
8th/98Chevrolet.Frazier Camping Center
9th/88Chevrolet.DiGard Racing
10th/30Chevrolet.Clyde Lynn Auto Parts
11th/70Chevrolet.Glenn's Landscaping
12th/59Chevrolet.Friez Enterprises
13th/93Ford.Truxmore Industries
14th/97Chevrolet.Rogers Racing
15th/31Dodge.Triple Elkhorn Mining
16th/37Chevrolet.Opal's Truck Stop
17th/7Ford.Belden Asphalt
18th/47Chevrolet.Hill Racing
19th/79Dodge.John 3:16
20th/48Chevrolet.Nitro 9
Finish/Car NumberDriverCar/Sponsor
21st/95Ford Jefferson Racing
22nd/8Dodge.10,000 RPM Speed Equipment
23rd/96Chevrolet.L.C. Newton Trucking
24th/64Ford.Langley Racing
25th/78Chevrolet.Byrd's Performance
26th/67Plymouth.J.R. Stanley Trucking
27th/05Chevrolet.Reliable Plumbing
28th/19Chevrolet.Gray Racing
29th/10Ford.Al Rudd Auto Parts
30th/46Dodge.Skip's Used Auto Parts
31st/06Chevrolet.Big Chance Special
32nd/2Dodge.10,000 RPM Speed Equipment
33rd/40Chevrolet.Carolina-Florida Van Lines
34th/71Dodge.K & K Insurance
35th/83Chevrolet.Smithville Farms
36th/54Chevrolet.Master Chevy Sales
37th/24Chevrolet.Bob Stott Motors
38th/49Dodge.Spencer Antiques
39th/72Chevrolet.King's Row Fireplace

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