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Can you name the movies Cher turned down given the role she would have played?

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Forced Order
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Role/YearMovieActress that got it
Guenevere/1967Vanessa Redgrave
Bonnie/1967Faye Dunaway
Freddie/1975Stockard Channing
Esther/1976Barbara Streisand
Julie/1982Jessica Lange
Joanna/1984Kathleen Turner
Alex/1987Glenn Close
Rita/1987Whoopi Goldberg
Katharine/1988Sigourney Weaver
Barbara/1989Kathleen Turner
Role/YearMovieActress that got it
Caroline/1990Gates McFadden
Lily/1990Anjelica Houston
Morticia/1991Anjelica Houston
Lead Role/1991Susan Sarandon/Geena Davis
Catwoman/1992Michelle Pfeiffer
Francesca/1995Meryl Streep
Lead Role/1996Madonna
Angela/2001Sigourney Weaver
Mama/2002Queen Latifah
Tanya/2008Christine Baranski

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