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Can you name the movies Audrey Hepburn turned down given the role she would have played?

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Role/YearMovieActress that got it
Lygia 1951Deborah Kerr
Marjorie Clark 1951Pauline Stroud
Thereza 1952Claire Bloom
Queen Nefertari 1956Anne Baxter
Leslie Benedict 1956Elizabeth Taylor
St. Joan of Arc 1957Jean Seberg
Lady Brett Ashley 1957Ava Gardner
Hana-Ogi 1957Miko Taka
Madeleine Elster/Judy Barton 1958Kim Novak
Title Character 1958Natalie Wood
Gladys Aylward 1958Ingrid Bergman
Title Character 1958Leslie Caron
Dominique Vallon 1958Christine Carere
Grushenka 1958Maria Shell
Cecil 1958Jean Seberg
Ensign Nellie Forbush, USN 1958Mitzi Gaynor
Anne Frank 1959Millie Perkins
Sheilah Graham 1959Deborah Kerr
Varinia 1960Jean Simmons
Kitty Fremont 1960Eva Marie Saint
Jo (Josephine) 1961Rita Tushingham
Maria Nunez 1961Natalie Wood
Alma Winemiller 1961Geraldine Page
Title Charactter 1961Leslie Caron
Honey Rider 1962Ursula Andress
Anne Sullivan 1962Anne Bancroft
Jane Fosset 1962Leslie Caron
Title Character 1963Elizabeth Taylor
Mona/Regina Fermoyle 1963Carol Lynley
Princess Dahla 1963Claudia Cardinale
Role/YearMovieActress that got it
Christine Bonner 1963Jane Fonda
Melanie Daniels 1963Tippi Hedren
Catherine Louise Marie Ernestine Freneau 1964Leslie Caron
Abigail Page 1964Paula Prentiss
Tonya 1965Geraldine Chaplin
Maria Von Trapp 1965Julie Andrews
Miranda Grey 1965Samantha Egger
Jerusha Bromley 1966Julie Andrews
Delphine Garnier 1967Catherine Deneuve
Mrs. Robinson 1967Anne Bancroft
Maria Vetsera 1968Catherine Deneuve
Jean Brodie 1969Maggie Smith
Katherine Bridges 1969Petula Clark
Title Character 1970Raquel Welch
Lili Smith (Schmidt) 1970Julie Andrews
Alexandra 1971Janet Suzman
Chris MacNeil 1973Ellen Burstyn
Ann Stanley 1973Liv Ullman
Marchesa Bianca Brumonti 1974Silvana Mangano
Sarah 1976Jeanne Moreau
Maria-the Mother/Ana-the Daughter as adult 1976Geraldine Chaplin
Emma Jacklin 1977Anne Bancroft
Kate Ter Horst 1977Liv Ullman
Sheilah Callahan 1979 Donna Reed (tv movie)
Kate Morris 1980Liv Ullman
Charlotte Dreyfus 1982Mary Tyler Moore
Fiona 'Fee' Cleary 1983Jean Simmons (tv mini-series)
Karen Blixen 1985Meryl Streep
Dotty Otley/Mrs. Clackett 1992Carol Burnett

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