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Who likes girls who eat carrots?
Who has a spoon phobia?
Who likes cats?
Who eats the most?
What race is Zayn?
What is Harry's favourite colour?
What is Louis' favourite colour?
What is Liam's favourite colour?
What is Zayn's favourite colour?
What is Niall's favourite colour?
What colour are Liam's eyes?
What colour are Niall's eyes?
What colour are Zayn's eyes?
What colour are Louis' eyes?
What colour are Harry's eyes?
Who starts the song I Want?
Who starts their 'Torn' cover?
Who does the backup 'Ooh's' in 'Torn'?
Who is the oldest?
Who is the youngest?
How old was Liam when he first auditioned for the xFactor?
What was Harry's audition song?
What was Louis' audition song?
What was Liam's audition song in 2010?
What was Zayn's audition song?
What was Niall's audition song?
Where is Niall from?
Where is Harry from?
Where is Liam from?
Where is Zayn from?
Where is Louis from?
When is Liam's birthday?
When is Louis' birthday?
When is Zayn's birthday?
When is Niall's birthday?
When is Harry's birthday?
What was the name of Harry's old band?
How many siblings does Harry have?
How many siblings does Liam have?
How many siblings does Zayn have?
How many siblings does Niall have?
How many siblings does Louis have?
What is the name of their first album?
What is the name of their second album?
What song is 'Circles, we're going in circles' from
What song is 'If I'm louder, would you see me' from?
What song is 'Your friends, they look good but you look better' from?
What song is 'I know your hearts been broken, but don't you give up' from?
Who starts Live While We're Young?
Who starts Little Things?
Who is Louis dating?
Who is Zayn dating?
Who was Liam dating?
How tall is Harry?
How tall is Zayn?
How tall is Niall?
How tall is Liam?
How tall is Louis?
Who has curly hair?
Who has dyed blonde hair?
Who's the most hyper/silly one?
Who has a microphone tattoo on their arm?
Who says 'Vas Happening?'
Who likes Nandos?
Who is 'Daddy Direction'?
Who is 'Boobear'?
Who is 'Hazza'?
Who is 'DJ Malik'?
Who is 'Nialler'?
Who got a boner while singing with Robbie Williams?
Who put 'One Direction' together?
Who came up with the name 'One Direction'?
Who wrote 'Moments' and 'Little Things' for them?
Who mostly plays the acoustic guitar in the new album?
Who deleted their Twitter because of the stupid haters?-.-
Who has a crush on Demi Lovato?
Who wore a butterfly shirt before?
Who likes to wear suspenders?
What is Harry's last name?
What is Louis' last name?
What is Zayn's last name?
What is Liam's last name?
What is Niall's last name?
What is Louis' middle name?
What is Harry's middle name?
What is Liam's middle name?
What is Niall's middle name?
What is Zayn's middle name?
Who usually wears plaid flannels?
Who usually wears blazers?
Who usually wears varsity/letterman jackets?
Who usually wears stripes?
Who usually wears zip up coats?
What is Niall's natural hair colour?
Who loves Toy Story?
Is Louis attractive?
Is Zayn attractive?
Is Liam attractive?
Is Niall attractive?
Is Harry attractive?

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