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QUIZ: Can you name the country in Asia by its unique trait?

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Only country in Asia that...CountryExtra Info
Begins with 'G'
Is less than 500 sq. km in size
Has a flag with only the colours yellow/gold and blue
Has a capital city beginning with 'Y'
Lies on the Equator
Has a life expectancy of less than 50 years
Has a lion on its current flag
Ends in 'D'
Only country in Asia that...CountryExtra Info
Has a suffrage age as low as 16
Has a population density of more than 5000 people per sq. km
Has an 'M' as the second letter
Has 20% or more of its population over the age of 65
Has the word 'Union' in its official name
Contains three 'E's
Is predominantly Christian

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