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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about Homer Simpson?

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Homer met Marge at what?
What unsucessful Itchy and Scratchy character did Homer make up?
Instead of five, he only has 4 ____. The only characters who have 5 are Jesus and God.
Who is Homer's favorite TV character?
What is Homer's middle name?
His best friend is whom?
Homer is named after Matt Groening's what?
Homer was raised on a what?
Homer's favorite drink is what?
Homer constantly will do this to Bart if he misbehaves
Homer's favorite things to eat are hambugers, hotdogs and what other food?
Homer will constantly steal from who?
Spider Pig, Homer's infamous pet pig was most commonly known in what long Simpson Story?
What is Homer's catchphrase?
The men of his family are all stupid because of what?

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