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Can you name these facts about Russia?

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What is the capital city of Russia?
What 2 continents is Russia in?
What position is Russia in for size? (You need to have the ending for the number for example st for 1st or nd for 2nd on this one.)
What year did the Russian population peak?
What is the life expectancy for a man in Russia?
What is the life expectancy for a woman in Russia?
What is the currency of Russia?
What is the most common religion for Russian people?
In religion, what do 8% of Russians consider themselves to be?
What is the official language of Russia?
Who is the head of government in Russia
What is internet called in Russia?
What is the biggest city in Russia that starts with St?
White, Red and what other color are on the Russian flag?
Russia can be called a semi-presidential republic and what other type of government?

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