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What was the size of Lily's wand?
Who was Lily's best friend as a child?
After all this time?
In her years at Hogwarts, Lily was a member of what club?
Lily attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from when to when?
Lily belonged to which organization before her death?
What was the date of Lily's death?
When is Lily's birthday?
'Lily, ____ Lily. She was exceedingly bright, your mother. Even more impressive considering she was Muggle-born.'
How old was Lily when she was killed?
Who was Lily's sister?
What type of wand did Lily acquire?
What blood status did Lily hold?
In what year did Severus and Lily's friendship come to its end?
What does Lily respond with after Harry asks; Why are you here, all of you?'
Who made the prophecy that says that 'the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches'and would be born at the end of July to parents who had 'thrice defied' him?
In which year did Harry stumble upon the mirror of Erised to reveal James and Lily?
What colour eyes does Lily have?
What word did Severus Snape call Lily in order to end their friendship?
What was the patronus that Lily held?

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