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QUIZ: Can you name the Structures of the External Heart?

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Where O2 poor blood returns to the heart from the upper body.
Where O2 poor blood returns to the heart from the lower body.
Brings O2 rich blood to the heart from the lungs. (x2)
Inferior pumps that pump blood into arteries and keep it flowing around the body. (x2)
The bodies largest artery.
Blood is sent to the lungs to unload CO2 and load O2. (x2)
Ear like extensions of atria. (x2)
Separates atria from ventricles.
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Marks the separation of the right an left ventricles.
Left division of heart.
Right division of heart.
This vein collects blood from the anterior aspect of the heart with the interventricular artery.
A bulbous transverse vein in the coronary sulcus on the posterior side of the heart, which collects blood from the vein mentioned above, the middle cardiac vein, and the left margi
This artery supplies the right atrium and sinoatrial node (pacemaker) with blood.
This artery divides into the anterior interventricular branch and the circumflex branch.

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