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Description of MovieMovie
Jeff Bridges plays Rooster Cogburn in this Academy Award Nominee for Best Picture.
Angelina Jolie plays a Russian spy in this action packed thriller.
Jennifer Aniston plays Adam Sandler's fake wife in this comedy.
Will Smith plays a man among monsters, as a human survivor in this sci-fi thriller.
Tommy Lee Jones plays a man of the law in this 2007 Academy Award winning Best Picture.
George Clooney is a clever con artist in this 2001 crime thriller.
Sandra Bullock plays a nerdy FBI agent in this funny spoof about Beauty Pageants.
Christian Bale portrays a masked hero in this comic book movie.
Vin Diesel plays a tough Navy SEAl who fills in as a nanny in this kid comedy.
Brad Pitt suffers from a very unique condition in this intense drama about life.
Leonardo DiCaprio plays an undercover cop in this Academy Award winning Best Picture.
Natalie Portman won Best Actress for her role portraying a delusional ballet dancer.
Nicolas Cage plays a treasure hunter in this action adventure movie.
Description of MovieMovie
Denzel Washington was a mob boss in his portrayal of Frank Lucas.
Al Pacino works his way up the drug ring in this crime thriller set in Miami.
Cameron Diaz is the center of attention as Mary in this R-rated comedy.
Ben Stiller plays Greg in this comedy about in-laws.
Meryl Streep stars in this musical based on the music of ABBA.
Jackie Chan joins forces with Chris Tucker in this fun comedy.
Mike Myers plays a guy with mojo in these films.
Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are best friends who con their way into special events.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a robot hit man in this movie.
Joaquin Phoenix is Johnny Cash in...
Drew Barrymore is one of three in this action packed adventure.
Amy Adams is Mark Wahlberg's love interest in this movie based on the life of an aged boxer and his older brother.

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