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DefinitionVocabularyExtra Info
separate but equal laws put in placedue to Plessey v Ferguson
low point in African American history
revenge or revolt, submission and assimilation, self-determinationphilosopher who tried confronting the colorline
Douglass passes away, BTW gives speechDuBois receives PhD, National Association of Colored Women created
self-made man, up from slavery, founded Tuskegee Instituteaccomodationist
cast down your bucket where you areas separate as fingers but work together to keep it that way
result of ATL Compromise Speechconciliation of South
group of black intellectualssought suffrage, end of discrimination
created by whites and blacks in 1909opposed to Jim Crow and disfranchisement
created UNIAquarrelled with Negro Establishment
free Africa for Africans, segregationemigration back to Africa

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