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DefinitionVocabularyExtra Info
government that we haveone man one vote, political equality, guaranteed rights
white man with property had right to voteDeclaration of Independence
3/5ths Compromiseattempt at equal voting rights
some black men with property could votedisfranchisement of blacks
15th Amendmentblack male suffrage
pull out of federal troopsrepeal of Civil Rights Act of 1865
poll tax, grandfather clause, white primaryviolence, literacy tests
19th Amendmentwomen suffrage
Voting Rights Actoutlawed discriminatory voting practices
votes thrown out, over 30,000 in majority black districts9 Supreme Court Justices decided outcome
private control of means of production, free marketcompetition, individualism, winners and losers
DefinitionVocabularyExtra Info
attempt to educate freed slaves, train for workallowed for continued slavery basically
excludes domestic and agricultural workersFHA
attempt to give everyone an opportunity at jobs and educationquotas not supposed to be put in play
every great soul that has ever existed was whiteevery great deed ever completed was completed by white man
blacks had no rights that whites had to respect1857
slavery abolished
14th Amendment passed
end of discrimination in public accomodations1875
separate but equal1896
1954white backlash, violence
massive resistance to unjust lawsfreedom rides, sit-ins

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