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things are rhinestone-coveredthis was their 3rd mv in that year
the set was a playgroundmychonny collaborated with the group
this mv was shot in one takethis song made the group win daesangs and a triple crown
a girl in this mv makes the members of the group disappear one by oneit has a 90s feel
the group had female backup dancers for the first time in this mv and the chorus is in englishthis group debuted in 2008
boom shakalaka boom shakalakait reached 100M views on YouTube last month
the members are detectives in this videothis song is actually a mashup of two songs in their album
the members are pole dancing in this videothe ex-leader of this group is now a solo artist
a girl follows the members to a secret clubthree of the members can speak english
two members walk out of the bathroom without washing their handsthis is their third and final part of their school trilogy
the members watch boys play basketballthe maknae has a golden cup
the artist and his husky puts up signs to show the path to his house which he calls...he has a cover of 'Wedding Dress' on his YouTube channel
the mv starts off with snakes, spiders and scorpionsthe girl in this video has a black and white side
the girl controls the members and they try to escape'jaekka jaekka'
the artist shows that she is not what she seems ; she's not a geeka member of mblaq was in this video
the members work in an officetheir boss finds out that they were playing in the end
there is a big pink tank in this videofans say that their company doesn't care about them
just when you thought the mv ended, it has an alternate endinga member is a traitor and is actually working for the police
the mv set is a hospital and there are jeweled apples and heartsthe mv was delayed because of the loss of footage
the mv starts off with a member playing golf' pu-pu-pu-pu-pu'
the mv ends with the main character actually wanting the man, not the girlahn jae hyun is in this mv
this mv unexpectedly got a 19+ ratingthe members of the group are considered to be tall
the member dreams at __:__ a.m about a girl he liked that died the main character left the group in 2013
this mv has a one-shot version and a bandmate is in the mvthe dance practice video has more views than the mv itself. there is also a taekwondo version
the members are prisonersthe girl thinks that the member is asleep since he's wearing sunglasses and changes clothes in front of him, but he actually was wide awake and saw everything
geurae oolf naega oolf awooothe dance practice video was leaked
this was the group's most popular song. the group plays musical instruments so it's practically a bandsounds like 'victoria, victoria'
the concept for this mv is zombies. has a connection to The Jokera member was not in this video
the point dance in this mv was similar to the way you wash your handsa jail in the philippines had its prisoners to dance to this song. a video is available on youtube
it starts off with a letter getting carried by the wind from one member to the otherthere is a pyjama version of this mv
there was a zombie apocalypse in this mvthe artist is part of the Cube Family
the mv started off with a member in a spinning car controlled by the leaderthe members rode motorbikes and broke street lights using batons
a member points a gun to a mirror and the reflection shows him pointing the gun on his head. the leader is digging a hole to find a trinket
this mv features the horse danceit's the most popular kpop video
the members are playing table tennisit's a sub group
a pilot comes home and his girlfriend agrees to have a date with him. a teddy bear that represents the pilot comes alivea member of b1a4 and sistar are in this video
a member lifts up his shirt, revealing his abs during the chorusthis is a rookie group of 2013 and this is their debut mv
the mv ends with scenes of their dorkiness and credits. this the sub-unit's debut mvthis is a collaboration of a member of shinee and infinite
when the girlfriend goes to meet the boyfriend, she sees that he has been cheating on her. the artist is nicknamed 'korean beyonce'a member of mblaq is in this video. this song was actually recorded before the artist's debut song
the members dance on chairs and does this hip dancethe mv is in black and white

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