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Can you guess the Reasons why Lee Daehwi is my top 1 pick?

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Clues13 Reasons Why
Found on his chin and ear. This is another attractive feature he has!
This is purely what makes him the person of Lee Daehwi.
He's got the sassiest butt in Pick Me (Girls Version), did this with Samuel in front of the trainer.
Welcome to my Hollywood! (add 'skills' to your answer)
Because he's him.
When Hyuna praised him omg I died, and when he finally turns around in their MCountdown Pick me stage (A level trainees)
He plays well in front of the cam, and I love it. Running man pls~
Clues13 Reasons Why
I only need to seal him with tape and send him to all music shows. He is...
You can see him showing this to everyone everywhere. This makes him our little sunshine.
Single and double, Choi Yoojung finds this attractive too~
'Nyaaah~' (a Korean term you should know)
He's got'em nicer and prettier than mine. Long and cleanly cut.
Your ears should know how sweet and lovely this is.

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