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A state of USAA cover
what people do when they're sadcan adults cry?
a bottle of fragranceDior, e.g
different spelling of academy...
has the name of a drug in the titlewhite
a flying animalopposite of what you are as a captive
Its about being foundat a certain tim
begins with a 'C'found in palaces
a flying animalis the flow of electrons
What you do at night/////////
Hints....Answers....More Hints?
something you do with your handswhen you applaud people
little circular object on you coatplastic or metal
Another memorable word in that song is invincibleOpposite of stoppable
opposite to expensivesomething that is excitinf, theme park ride
has the name of an organ in the titlestretchy
Shiny, expensive, only for rich peopleRihanna?
what you wear on you feet in hot countriesand on the beach, colour?
a popular Indian foodused in soups and indian food called dahl
an elementin periodic table
What everyone in the world isnot dead but....

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