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Can you name the 11 x 7 (77) 11-letter words out of 16,165 found in the Scrabble dictionary based on their definition?

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DefinitionWordPt Sp
The crime of leaving a child alone for a long timen
Italian-origin word for “fan of”n
Diane Sawyer and Katie Couricpl
Brush and pad (for makeup)pl
Many of these join the UAWpl
Women call their versions salonspl
A kind of chocolate or movie endingadj
Accountants without certification are sometimes called thispl
Gas pumps undergo this periodic testn
Iran has too many of these, or so the US and others thinkpl
Going round and around, as in bloodv
Worthy of praiseadj
Popcorn, candy and soda at the moviesn
Shade of meaning of a wordn
Recovers from diseasev
Some funeral homes have one of thesen
Interdisciplinary study of the structure of regulatory systemsn
Female cleavage and what surrounds itn
A word picturen
Seeable, noticeableadj
Ports would be useless without these guyspl
Opposite of staticallyadv
This medical professional specializes in root canalsn
Italian-American and Irish-American are examples of thesepl
More than fantastic; more than fabulousadj
Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen started out as thesepl
DefinitionWordPt Sp
To create voting districts for political advantagev
They know the difference between 'its' and 'it’s'pl
He will make a hat for youn
Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought in this divisionadj, n
Jumped across a sidewalk gameboardv
Barney the Dinosaur and his friends are often this wayadj
Busy and usually productiveadj
Medical treatment often given as an injection to prevent a diseasen
What happened to Brett Favre’s last pass in the NFC Championship game in 2010v
Reporters and editors are more generally called thesen
Per the song, these animals sit in the old gum treepl
Jack Lambert, Mike Singletary and Dick Butkus are Hall of Fame examples of these football playerspl
Moving or managing by human forcev
After World War II, laws were passed to prevent both Japan and Germany from becoming thisadj
Jesus wasn’t impressed when he saw this guy in the templen
Without both my effort and Sporcle, this quiz would be ________adj
John Dillinger lived this wayadv
A shed or garage relative to the main housen
Left behind; outranadj
Too much moisture could leave a plant in this stateadj
Restated in simpler languagev, adj
People on footpl
Spinning like a ballerinav
Christmas flowers originating in Mexicopl
Toddler studentn
DefinitionWordPt Sp
Practices of imposing something unpleasant or aversive on a person or animal or property, usually in response to disobedience, defiancepl
Alex Trebek and Sporcle, to name twopl
Starting againv
They filled out their forms and are ready to race (or vote)pl
What Brett Favre and Cher have had many ofpl
Places of worship inside a churchpl
Don’t wipe your nose on this apparel partn
Cattle at an abattoir will be ___________v
Along with singing, Paul Simon’s professionn
Removal of that internal organ starting with “sp”n
It flattens new pavementn
A welcome sight for pedestrians on a dark roadn
Commercial or non-military midget submarine with limited service rangen
Motown group sang “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”pl
Oral and rectal are typesn
One who studies the shape of the Earth’s surfacen
Muscles across the back of the neckpl
A step in taking off a dress shirtv
Aka morticians or funeral directorspl
Address given by top ranked studentn, adj
Early to bed and early to rise promotes healthiness, wisdom and thisn
Fears of foreignerspl
They keep track of the trains at the stationpl
He’s got more money than he can countn

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