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breast implants can be inserted above or below this structure
regarding above,generally thin small breasted women do better with
breast implants have a silicone shell and be filled with either silicone or
this can occur with saline, but not gel implants
the ratio of the width and height to the forward distance of an implant is called
implants can be round, or
newer fourth generation gel implants have a gel that is
implants can have a shell that is smooth, or one that is
texturing is thought by some to decrease this complication
while there are many possible incisions, the most popular is
to prevent complications, this should be at least 2cm narrower than the breast
a contour problem that is more common in saline than gel implants is
if the implant space is made too far to the middle, the complication is
if the implant space is made too low, with too much pectoralis release, the complication is
if the implant gets lower after surgery, the complication is called
when a breast, usually after childbearing, sags off a submuscular implant, it is called
textured shell implants have a higher incidence of this contour deformity
if the implant is too low, then the nipple is too
if the implant is too high, then the nipple is too
generally, the gel vs. the saline device feels more
in the transaxillary approach, the device tends to
this very rare cancer is associated with textured implants
this cancer, when around an implant, usually presents as
this third implant company was authorized to began selling implants in the USA in 2013
in the droopy breast, an implant procedure may need to be combined with a
when a women has one breast that does not develop, sometimes with a smaller hand and absent muscle on the same side, it is called
above was named after this researcher
when the breasts are enlarged, it makes the waist/tummy and hips look
perhaps because of above, it is not unusual after this operation for the patient to wish that she had

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