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How much do you know about Confederate General Stonewall Jackson

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Born into poverty in this location
Admitted to this Academy when first choice quit after first day
After graduation, served in this war
In this war, first met this future commander
Went on to become professor at this college
At above, was professor of this subject
Not a popular professor, some derisively called Prof. Jackson by this nickname
Because of many health issues, some thought Jackson to be this
In 1859, present at the hanging of this madman, in Charles Town, Virginia
Repeatedly broke Virginia law by this act
Name of second wife, who did not remarry after his death
Above was daughter of the first president of this now highly prestigious North Carolina College
General Jackson's beloved sister Laura was an outspoken supporter of this
Named 'Stonewall' at this early battle of the Civil War
Given name 'Stonewall' by this dying soldier
Above's dying words re General Jackson
General Jackson handed these out to his troops in encampment
Shot three times near Chancellorsville by
Left arm amputated but cause of death, eight days later, was this
General Jackson's left arm is buried at this place
General Jackson is buried in this city
General Lee wrote, 'He has lost his left arm, but I have lost...'
Name of General Jackson's favorite horse
Bones of above are buried here
General Jackson's last words
Today's name for the place of General Jackson's death
This Cathedral has stained glass windows depicting General Jackson's life
Depicted in this sculpture, along with Lee and Davis, the largest relief sculpture in the world
Above work was initially designed and executed by this sculptor, who also executed the smaller Mt. Rushmore carving

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