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A slicked back bloody black gunshot to the head/ He is falling in the ______ of the rock and roll dead.The Valley
Like the water loves lapping at the skin of the shore, hear our ______ come tapping at the latches on the door...The Valley
Moved by the rhyme in the psalm, we agreed that it was ______, and to believe in it.Piratess
Oh, _______, in the wilderness. With your victims all around you.Piratess
And the stadium roared. And the ______ embraced.Rider
I see your dad riding over the rise,/ crashing his whole _______ through the crowd.Rider
All the whitecaps of the waves/ slap like last _______ Lay of the Last Survivor
...and then whimpering sisters,/ sobbing well-wishers,/ it's over. Just let my ______ go.Lay of the Last Survivor
Wan White Shadow Waltz stirs, sputters/ and stalls. Then wakes, wavers and walks right through her ______ walls.White Shadow Waltz
In the presence of all our _____ / we'll falter and crawl to the bed.White Shadow Waltz
And I'm sick/ Of all these picture books that try/ To steal some old _______ for their light.We Need a Myth
The world is trembling and weeping /And at the point of ________We Need a Myth
What's making all my tears is taking /all my _____ away.Hanging From a Hit
A moth that's swerving through the sage. /A creature crashing from a cage. /A ______ vaporized by a new sun ray.Hanging From a Hit
Your pretty face looks like an _______ /rising from the sea that's slowly drying.Your Past Life as a Blast
Because no one /is going to stop me /from loving /my ________Your Past Life as a Blast
Wake and be fine. You've still got ______ to wake and be fine.Wake and Be Fine
Villains on the creep and _______ in the crowd are carving apart our childhood house.Wake and Be Fine
All the ______ on the rise /and circlers from every sideThe Rise
The dying ______ is on his side. /The hunters are hiding, up on high.The Rise
_______, ______, I don't want to go ______ there alone.The Rise

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