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LyricsSong TitleMy Own Smattering of Help
'If the moon and stars should fall, they'd be easy to replace'Warrant
'There's nobody here, it's just you and me...'One Hit Wonder
'You need a love that's gonna last'artist formerly known as
''Love got me in here and love got me out'George Jones did it originally
'The line broke, the monkey got choked...'My blue blue heart
'High on the booze in a tent paved with blood'My crush with eyeliner
'I don't care about spots on my apples'oooh bop bop bop
'You can't plant me in your penthouse, I'm going back to my plough'Reginald Dwight
'I'm just mad about Saffron'you should be, it's way overpriced.
'It's been three long years, do ya still want me?'1990 was a reprise
'Climb up in my lap, drive if you want to'John Deere to get the job done
InstrumentalVietnam War staple song
'Autumn in her flaming dress, Of orange, brown, gold fallen leaves.'RIP Peter
'Child of nature, friend of man'Sugarloaf
'Like the Colorado skies'The King
LyricsSong TitleMy Own Smattering of Help
'But my dreams they aren't as empty...'Not Limp Bizkit
'I'm gonna paint it cherry red'One of the greatest singers to ever have a brain tumor.
'I just freeze everytime you see through me...'A little obscure
'How does it feel?'if you don't know who did it originally....shame...shame on.....
'there was snow...white snow'Conscious Uncoupling
'Scuze me while I ____ this guy' Looking for the title
'Never wanted to be your weekend lover'best superbowl halftime ever
'Fill up the tank let's go for a ride'If you bought the album, you know this song
'Feel her body rise..when you kiss her mouth'Seriously...
'She take mah money'Kanye Sucks
'Everybody wants the sell that's already been sold'I love this little guy
'Everything you see isn't what it seems to be'Cover Girls
'Because today, it just goes with the fashion...ahhh!'Who else?
'Waving to the girls feeling out of sight...spending all my money on a Saturday Night'Bruce or Aretha?
'Caroline talks to you Softly sometimes She says 'I love you' and 'Too much''Nothing Without 80s

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