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What does Will throw fro Jack to stand on as he is being executed?
Where on her body does Captain Barbossa cut Elizabeth?
Who's Aztec treasure included 828 medallions?
What does Jack wear on his head as he finally leaves the cave?
What did most people call Will Turner's father?
What does the maid put in Elizabeth's bed warmer?
What does Captain Barbossa ask Elizabeth to hand back as she walks the plank?
What sort of man trades a man's life for a ship?
How many hours each day does Will practive with swords?
What ship does Norrington have prepared for sea that is then stolen by Jack and Will?
How many days head start does Norrington give Jack at the end of the movie?
Who is put in charge of young Will when he is rescued?
What do the prisoners use to tempt the dog who has the keys?
What is Jack's reply when norrington calls him the worst pirate he's ever heard of?
What is the name of the monkey?
How does Jack get his money back after paying to enter Port Royal?
What did Jack steal from Anna-Maria?
Who is promoted to Commodore?
How many eyes between them do the two pirates who take Elizabeth to captain barbossa have?
What does Captain Barbossa drop as he dies?
What from of execution is Jack sentenced to?
What is the subtitle of the first movie?
What does Lieutenant Norrington suggest caused the wrecked ship to explode?
How do the pirates reach the Dauntless from the cave?
Why does Jack require a blacksmith?
What does norrington tell Jack he must contemplate?
What do Jack and Elizabeth sing when they're drunk on the island?
Who fights Jack with a red-hot sword?
Who plays the adult Elizabeth swan?
Who bandages Elizabeth's wounds?
What does mute Mr. Cotton have to do his talking for him?
What does Norrington say Jack has an appointment with?
What does a skeletal pirate steal from the Governor?
What does Elizabeth threaten to do with the medallion on the Black Pearl?
What does Jack use to navigate that doesn't find north?
Who cuts Will to lift the curse?
What does it cost to tie up a boat at Port Royal?
Who does Jack's executioner fall on top of?
What is Norrington busy doing as Elizabeth falls from the battlements?
What does Jack drink to when Elizabeth drinks: To freedom?
What gift does the Governor bring to Elizabeth?
What does Will bring to the Governor?
Where does Jack say he learned to cut off corsets?
What letter is branded on Jack's arm?
What sit on Captain Barbossa's shoulder?
What does Captain Barbossa tell Elizabeth to believe in because she's in one?
What does the pirate's code say happens to a man who falls behind?
Which character's first name is Weatherby?
What light shows the ghostly pirates for what they really are?
What is the first thing young Elizabeth sees floating in the sea?
What four words are on the sign next to the hanging bodies?
How must Elizabeth appear to dine with the crew if she refuses to dine with the captain?
What is Captain Barbossa's favorite fruit?
What is pictured in the center of the pirate medallion?
What did Jack tie together with human hair to escape from the island?
What does Elizabeth say her surname is when she meets Captain Barbossa?
Which ship is said to be the Navy's fastest?
What does Elizabeth say fashionable women in London must have learned to do?
How many hanging bodies does Jack pass as he enters port?
Who rows away from the Dauntless as the pirates attack?

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