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Forced Order
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In what year was Caesar born?
According to legend, how was Caesar born?
Which dictator wanted to execute Caesar?
While sailing to Greece, who captured Caesar?
Who negotiated Caesar's release from capture?
Who killed Caesar's captors?
What two others did Caesar organize an alliance with?
What was this alliance called?
What region was Caesar appointed consul to?
Who opposed Caesar's appointment?
Who did Caesar marry his daughter to?
How long was Caesar away from Rome after leaving for Gaul?
While Caesar was away, who was killed by Parthians?
Who moved to the faction that opposed Caesar?
Across which river did Caesar lead his forces?
Where did Pompey flee to after being defeated by Caesar in Greece?
What did the Egyptians give Caesar when he arrived?
With whom did Caesar have an affair while in Egypt?
To what position did the Roman people elect Caesar?
How many times did the conspirators stab Caesar?

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