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Highest batting average (single season, P, all-time).433 (1925)
Highest batting average (single season, C, all-time).365 (2009)
Highest batting average (single season, 1B, all-time).420 (1922)
Highest batting average (single season, 2B, all-time).426 (1901)
Highest batting average (single season, 2B, live-ball era).424 (1924)
Highest batting average (single season, 3B, all-time).391 (1899)
Highest batting average (single season, 3B, live-ball era).390 (1980)
Highest batting average (single season, SS, all-time).401 (1896)
Highest batting average (single season, SS, live-ball era).388 (1936)
Highest batting average (single season, LF, all-time).370 (2002)
Highest batting average (single season, CF, all-time).355 (2000)
Highest batting average (single season, RF, all-time).394 (1994)
Highest batting average (single season, OF, all-time).440 (1894)
Highest batting average (single season, OF, live-ball era).406 (1941)
Highest batting average (single season, DH, all-time).356 (1995)
Most hits (single-season, P, all-time)151 (1887)
Most hits (single-season, P, live-ball era)63 (1926)
Most hits (single-season, C, all-time)201 (1997)
Most hits (single-season, 1B, all-time)257 (1920)
Most hits (single-season, 2B, all-time)250 (1922)
Most hits (single-season, 3B, all-time)240 (1985)
Most hits (single-season, SS, all-time)219 (1999)
Most hits (single-season, LF, all-time)219 (1998)
Most hits (single-season, CF, all-time)240 (2000)
Most hits (single-season, RF, all-time)262 (2004)
Most hits (single-season, OF, all-time)262 (2004)
Most hits (single-season, DH, all-time)225 (1996)
Most home runs (single-season, P, all-time)9 (1931)
Most home runs (single-season, C, all-time)45 (1970)
Most home runs (single-season, 1B, all-time)70 (1998)
Most home runs (single-season, 2B, all-time)43 (1973)
Most home runs (single-season, 3B, all-time)54 (2007)
Most home runs (single-season, SS, all-time)57 (2002)
Most home runs (single-season, LF, all-time)73 (2001)
Most home runs (single-season, CF, all-time)56 (1998)
Most home runs (single-season, RF, all-time)66 (1998)
Most home runs (single-season, OF, all-time)73 (2001)
Most home runs (single-season, DH, all-time)54 (2006)
Highest batting average (career, P).298
Highest batting average (career, C).320
Highest batting average (career, 1B).342
Highest batting average (career, 2B).358
Highest batting average (career, 3B).328
Highest batting average (career, SS).329
Highest batting average (career, LF).346
Highest batting average (career, CF).367
Highest batting average (career, RF).341
Highest batting average (career, OF).367
Highest batting average (career, DH).312
Most hits (career, P)812
Most hits (career, C)2844
Most hits (career, 1B)4256
Most hits (career, 2B)3314
Most hits (career, 3B)3154
Most hits (career, SS)3432+
Most hits (career, LF)3055
Most hits (career, CF)4191
Most hits (career, RF)3771
Most hits (career, OF)4191
Most hits (career, DH)3319
Most home runs (career, P)38
Most home runs (career, C)427
Most home runs (career, 1B)612
Most home runs (career, 2B)377
Most home runs (career, 3B)654+
Most home runs (career, LF)762
Most home runs (career, CF)660
Most home runs (career, RF)755
Most home runs (career, OF)762
Most home runs (career, DH)457+
Most wins (pitcher, career, all-time)511
Most wins (pitcher, career, live-ball era)363
Most wins (pitcher, single-season, all-time)59 (1884)
Most wins (pitcher, single-season, live-ball era)31 (1920, 1931, 1968)
Most losses (pitcher, career, all-time)316
Most losses (pitcher, career, live-ball era)292
Most losses (pitcher, single-season, all-time)48 (1883)
Most losses (pitcher, single-season, live-ball era)27 (1933)
Lowest ERA (pitcher, career, all-time)1.82
Lowest ERA (pitcher, career, live-ball era, starter)2.60*
Lowest ERA (pitcher, career, live-ball era, reliever)2.21
Lowest ERA (pitcher, single-season, all-time)0.60 (2012)
Lowest ERA (pitcher, single-season, starter)1.12 (1968)
Most strikeouts (career, pitcher)5714
Most strikeouts (career, batter)2597
Most strikeouts (single-season, pitcher, all-time)513 (1886)
Most strikeouts (single-season, pitcher, live-ball era)383 (1973)
Most strikeouts (single-season, batter, all-time)223 (2009)
Most no-hitters7
Most saves (single-season)62 (2008)
Most saves (career)652
Most pitching appearances (career)1252
Most holds (pitcher, all-time)266
Most holds (pitcher, since 1999)231
Most holds (pitcher, single-season)41 (2013)
Most stolen bases (career)1406
Most stolen bases (single-season)130 (1982)
Most walks (batter, career)2558
Most walks (batter, single-season)232 (2004)
Highest OBP (single-season).609 (2004)
Highest slugging percentage (single-season).863 (2001)
Most RBIs (career)2297
Most RBIs (single-season)191 (1930)
Most consecutive scoreless innings pitched59 (1988)
Most pinch-hit home runs (career)23
Most Cy Young Awards7
Longest hitting streak56 (1941)
Iron man streak (consecutive games played)2632
Most Gold Gloves (career, all-time)18
Most Gold Gloves (career, position player)16
Most Silver Sluggers (career)12
Most consecutive seasons with 200 hits10
Most consecutive starts of at least 7 innings allowing 2 or less earned runs in each start16+
Highest Hall of Fame voting percentage98.8% (1992)
Most World Series rings (single player)10
Most MVP awards (single player)7
Most pickoffs (pitcher, career)144
Most pickoffs (catcher, career)81
Most strikeouts in 9-inning game (pitcher)20
Oldest pitcher to win a game49 years old (2012)

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