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Can you name the Wheel of Time peoples by description?

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Short, pale, dark-haired
Copper-skinned, women infamously attractive
Dark brown eyes, light brown hair
Bells worn in hair and on clothes
Pearl earrings and forked beards worn
Very dark-skinned, tattooed, nose and earrings worn
Prominent noses, handlebar moustasches
Marriage knives and many-layered petticoats worn
Tall, tanned, light eyes and hair, shoufa worn
Ageless faces
Head shaved except for a topknot
Beards worn with no moustasche
Honey coloured braids and veils worn
Brightly coloured outfits worn with colours that clash
Dark skin, tightly fitting coats worn
Gigantic, humanoid beings with tufted ears
Large, deep bonnets worn with velvet bows
Tall, dark eyes and hair
Moustasches worn which curl up at the sides
Coats worn with double rows of wooden buttons
Hadori worn in long hair, or Ki'Sain by women
Nobility wear shaven heads and lacquered fingernails
Wear white, with either a red hand or a golden sunburst on their cloaks
High-collared black coats worn, often with either a sword or dragon pin on the chest
Pygmies, fair-haired, light-eyed
High-necked dresses, heavily embroidered. Men's hair long and held back with clips of silver or gold

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