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Can you name the random pokemon answers to these questions?

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What is Slaking's total base stats?
What level does Shuppet evolve?
In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, What is TM17?
Who is #100 in the national dex?
What is the strongest normal type move?
Which Eevee evolution learns Thunder at level 71?
Which Pokemon game did you have to take pictures?
What Pokemon can learn all TMs and HMs?
What is the name of the first gym leader in Silver Version?
Who is the strongest wild Pokemon in Mt. Sliver by base stat (HGSS)?
What color is a shiny Charizard?
What Pokemon is the mascot of Pokemon Crystal Version?
Which Pokemon is known as the 'Being of Knowledge'?
What is the highest base stat for Arcanine?
What is the lowest base stat for Scyther?
Who is number 1 of the Unova Pokedex?
What Pokemon is the 'Trainee' Pokemon?
Who does this Pokemon evolve into?
But if you have empty slot and a Pokeball, who else do you get?
Who is the evolved form of Chingling?
What TM do you find in National Park?
What ability does Latias have?
What move does Squirtle learn at level 13
On HGSS, what level do you find Lugia.Ho-Oh after defeating the Kimono Girls?
What is the encounter rate for yanma on HGSS?
Nidorino evolves how?
Which ball works best after many turns have passed?
What ability lets Normal/Fighting type moves effect Ghost types?
How many PP does Fire Blast have?
What is the lowest level you can get a Magnezone?

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