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What button do you use to shield (wii remote + nunchuk)
Who is the final boss of Classic mode?
How many players are from the game 'Star Fox'?
Who is the Pokemon Trainers water type Pokemon?
Who is the Pokemon Trainers fire type Pokemon?
Who is the Pokemon Trainers grass type Pokemon?
Who are the 2 characters from the game 'Fire Emblem'?
How many bosses are in the boss battle mode?
In the 'Subspace Emissary' who is the only character Ganondorf shot with the trophey gun?
Who is Master Hand's evil twin brother?
In Classic mode, how much HP does Master Hand have on normal difficuly?
What contest requires a bat?
Who is the only boss on the Subspace Emissary from Pokemon?
The three characters from 'Star Fox' are Fox, Falco and....
What is the most common enemy in the Subspace Emissary?
Who is the only character with the name 'Toon'
What is the name of Pokemon Trainers' finishing attack?
How many difficulties are there in Classic mode?
How many stages are there in Classic mode excluding Target Smash?
You need three pieces to make....

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