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Test your knowledge with this Charmed trivia spanning all 8 seasons.

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Who speaks the incantation which gives the sisters their powers?
Who has the power to move things with her mind?
Who can freeze time?
Who has premonitions?
Who was the unknown 4th sister who replaces Prue?
What is the name of Prue's policeman love who died in season 1?
How about the other policeman who knew about the girl's powers?
What is the name of the sister's mother?
What is Gram's name?
Who is Piper's angelic husband?
What is Piper's eldest son's full name?
What is the name of Piper's time-jumping 2nd son?
What is the name of the restaurant Piper worked in at the start of the series?
What is the name of her club for the rest of the show?
What is the name of the magical tome containing the sister's spells?
Who was Phoebe's demon husband?
Who is the demon that killed Prue?
What is the name of the Elder who tried to kill Wyatt?
Which demon forced the sisters into hiding at the end of season 7?
Which magical beings tried to instil a Utopia and recruited Leo?
Which witch is the start of the Halliwell line?
Who is the apprentice witch the sister's mentor in season 8?
Who was her twisted sister?
Who is the demon of fear?
Which mystical force is buried under the basement of Halliwell Manor?

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