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AThe first pokemon in alphabetical order previous to Generation IV [1]
BIt is part Bug Type [3]
CIt is part Flying Type [4]
DIt is a pure Normal Type [3]
EIt is a pure Electric Type [5]
FIt is sometimes seen as the equivilant of Magikarp [1]
GIt is a legendary Pokemon [2]
HThe Hitmons [3]
IIt is one of only four pokemon to start with an 'I' [4]
JIt is part Psychic Type [2]
KIt is at least part Water Type [6]
LIt ends with '-eon' or is one of the Eon Pokemon [4]
MIt is a main series starter Pokemon or an evolution of one [4]
NIt is an evolution of a pure Poison Type [4]
OIt is part Rock Type [3]
PIt is a pure Normal Type that is seemingly banned from the show [3]
QIt doesn't have a 'U' after the 'Q' in its name [1]
RIt is a Legendary Golem [4]
SIts arch-nemesis is Zangoose [1]
TIt is a main series starter Pokemon or an evolution of one [6]
UIt is a legendary Pokemon [1]
VIt is a Grass-Poison Dual Type Pokemon [3]
WIt has three different forms depending on which one it had when it evolved [1]
XIt is the only Pokemon as of yet to start with an 'X' [1]
YIt is in the same family as the other 'Y' Pokemon [2]
ZIt is a new pure Dark Type [2]

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