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Can you name the Missing Words From Bill Watterson's 'A Nauseous Nocturne'?

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Another night ________ of slumber,
Hours _______ without number,
My eyes _____ 'round the room. I lay
________ sweat and now quite certain
That tonight the final _______
Drops upon my short life's ________ play.
From the ________, by the closet
Comes a noise, much like a ______
Makes: a ____'____ drip-drip-dripping sound.
It seems some ___-____________ beast,
Anticipating me ________,
Is ________ poison puddles on the ground.
A can of Mace, a _____-____,
Is all I'd ____ to stay alive,
But no weapon lies ______ my sight.
Oh my gosh! A shadow's ________,
Ominous and black, it's _______
Slowly 'cross a _______ square of light!
Suddenly a __________ creak
Announces the ____________ freak
Is here to steal my ______ years away!
A ____'____ smell now fills the room
_________ my imm'nent doom!
A fang ______ in the dark and murky grey!
Oh, _____-___ eyes and tentacles!
Throbbing, pulsing __________!
_____-______ pores and frightful claws!
Worse, in terms of ________ scariness,
Are the suckers ____________
That grab and force you in its ______ jaws!
This disgusting __________
Of nature needs no __________
To ______ helpless children in their beds.
_________ despairing moans,
It _____ kids up and sucks their bones,
And _________ inside its mouth their li'l heads!
I know this '_____ I read it not
___ hours ago, and then I got
The ______-_______ and these awful shakes.
My parents swore upon their _____
That I was safe, and not a _____.
I guess ________ they'll see their sad mistakes.
In the _______, they'll come in
And say, 'What was that awful ___
We _____ last night? You kept us both from sleep!'
Only then will they _______
The ____________ of my demise
And see that my _______ are in a heap.
Dad will look __ Mom and say,
'___ bad he had to go that way.'
And Mom will look at Dad, and nod ______.
___ will add, 'Still, it's fitting,
That as he was this world ________,
He ______ leave another mess before he went.'
They may not ____ at first, I know.
They will miss me later, ______,
And perhaps _____ that they were wrong.
As ________ of me grow dim,
They'll say 'We were too ______ with him.
We should have ________ to him all along.'
As ________ my end approaches,
I bid a final '______ Noches'
To my best ______ here in all the world.
Gently snoring, whiskers _______
To _____ at smells (he must be dreaming),
He lies ________ in the blankets, curled.
________ the monster knows I'm not alone!
There's an ______ in bed with me!
An _____ beast he did not see!
The monster never _____'__ come if he had known!
The monster, in his _____________,
Demonstrates ______________,
And runs and runs and runs and runs ____.
Rid of the ____,
I now can ____,
Thanks to my best ______, who saved the day.

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