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AThese Pokemon are all part Rock-Types [5]
BThis Pokemon's only move is Take Down [1]
CThese Pokemon are legendaries [2]
DThis Pokemon is a Poison/Dark type [1]
EThese Pokemon are pure Electric Types [5]
FThis Pokemon is an Eeveelution [1]
GThese Pokemon are part of the same branched evolutionary line [2]
HThis Pokemon is a baby Pokemon [1]
IThese Pokemon are the only ones who's names begin with I [4]
JThis Pokemon is a pure Electric type [1]
KThese Pokemon are fossils [2]
LThis Pokemon is a dual Rock/Ground type [1]
MThese Pokemon are all pure Fire types [3]
NThis Pokemon is Johto's regional bird [1]
OThese Pokemon are all part Rock Types [3]
PThis Pokemon has become the mascot of the series [1]
QThese Pokemon are part Water types [2]
RThis Pokemon is a pure Psychic type [1]
SThese Pokemon have no weaknesses [2]
TThis Pokemon is a pure Fighting type [1]
UThese Pokemon are pure Psychic types [2]
VThis Pokemon's National Dex number is 100 [1]
WThese Pokemon are pure Psychic types [2]
XThis Pokemon is the only one as of Generation IV who's name starts with X [1]
YThese Pokemon are of the same evolutionary line, are both Bug/Flying types, and are both the only Pokemon to have their names start with Y [2]
ZThis Pokemon is the last alphabetically as of Generation IV [1]

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