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Can you name the USA Civil Rights facts?

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Proportion of southern black children in segregated schools by late 60s
Final act passed by Johnsonyear and name of act
What did the meredith march mark
founders of Black panthers
percentage of america's balck population living in citiesby mid 1960s
Division of the army sent to control riots in Dertoit
Year of the meredith March
Start point of the meredith march
HintAnswerExtra Info
End point of the meredith march
Increase in black voter registration in mississippi1964-1968
Percent of balck families in poverty in 1968
Number of black voters by 1968in the south
percent of black families in poverty in 1965
The group Malcolm X belonged to
What did Malcolm X believe in?
Year Malcolm X set up the Organisation of Afro American Unity

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