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When was the socialist education movement launched?
Who became president after Mao resigned?
Who wrote the play in 1965 that started the ball of the CR rolling?mao arranged for it to be criticised in an article in a shanghai newspaper
When did Liu die?in prison
when did Deng become undidsputed leader?
When did the Cultural Revolution end?
What was the name of mao's most influential wife?
When did Mao resign as president?
What was abolished in the PLA?
When did grain production get back to the level it was in 1957?
When did the cultural revoluion begin in earnest?
When did Lin die in a plane crash?month and year
HintAnswerExtra Info
Who were the group that Jiang belonged to?
Who was the head of the PLA in the 1960s?
when was the Mass rally of red guards in Tiananmen square?day, month, year
Who became the leader after mao died?
When were the Gang of four arrested?month and year
When did Zhou Enlai die?month and year
When did Mao die?Month and year
When was the PLA called in to restore order by Mao?month and year
When did Mao recall Deng Xiaoping?
What were the 4 olds?alphabetical order
When were the red guards formed?month and year

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