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What did mao announce the grain production was in 1958?
What was the effect of the backyard furnaces?
What were the main areas of concentration of the 1st 5 year plan?alphabetical order
How many landlords were executed during land reform?
When did China split with the USSR?
What did all men have to take part in in the communes?
ACP stands for?
How much did the chinese population increase?1949-57
When was the 1st 5 Year Plan introduced?
What was China's new currency called?
which was Peng's home province?
By 1952 what had the level of inflation been brought down to?from 1000%
Where had 5 year plans worked previously?they sent advisers to help china and gave them loans for equipment
How much did steel production increase during the 1st plan?
How much land was redistributed?
How much grain did china produce in 1960?
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How many died in the famine that resulted from the great leap forward?
how much meat did china produce in 1960?
By the end of 1956 how many families were in Advanced ACPs
What was the actual grain production in 1958?
Whose agricultural methods were used in the glf?
What was the effect of the four noes?
Who took charge of the glf?
When did Mao make ACPs compulsory?
When did Peng Dehuai try to tell mao about the problems of the glf?at the Lushun conference (month and year)
How many communes were created for the glf?
When did Mao announce the Great leap forward?2nd 5 year plan
What were the targets of the 4 noes campaign?alpabetical order
How much meat did china produce in 1958?
What was the level of economic growth during the 1st plan?per annum
Year first ACPs introduced30 to 50 families

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