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HintAnswerExtra Info
Number of people executed as a result of the wave of suspicion after introduction of work units
Relaunch of Hundred Flowers CampaignMonth & year
Original member of the Politburo Standing CommitteeEconomist
Party Membership by 1956
Original member of the Politburo Standing CommitteeIn command of the PLA during the Korean War
Number of people arrested in anti rightist campaign
The 3 Antisalphabetical order
Original launch of Hundred Flowers Campaignmonth & year
Year the 3 antis were launched
Year of the fall of Peng DuhaiFor criticising the Great Leap Forward
Original member of the Politburo Standing CommitteeControlled the CCP with Deng Xiaoping
The 5 Antisalphabetical order
Possible Reason for Hundred Flowersmisjudged reason
HintAnswerExtra Info
Year Gao Gang committed suicidepurged for 'supporting the Soviet Union'
Year of the fall of Lin BiaoKilled in a plane crash after 'attempted coup'
The work units everyone had to belong to
people targeted in the 'Resist America Aid Korea' campaignalphabetical order
Year the 5 Antis were launched
Original member of the Politburo Standing CommitteePrime minister & foreign minister
Possible Reason for Hundred Flowerssneaky reason
Hundred Flowers ended and anti rightist campaign beganmonth & year
Area Gao Gang controlledBig power base - led to his purge
Party membership by 1951
number of soldiers in the PLA by 1950
Original member of the Politburo Standing CommitteeChairman

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