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He pinch hit for Alex Rodriguez and tied the game with a homer. He came up again in extra innings and hit a walk off homer.
Hit a walk off home run in the bottom of the 11th inning against the Red Sox in 2003
He pitched a perfect game on Yogi Berra Day
He was the 4th overall pick of the 1968 draft and went on to be captain of the Yankees
He holds the record for most saves ever
The only Yankee to have 4 RBIs in an All Star Game
He has the most strikeouts as a Yankee (pitcher)
He is the last Yankee to hit a Home Run in the All Star Game
He took over Mickey Mantle's locker when he retired
First Yankee to hit a home run on the first pitch he ever saw
He pitched a perfect game in the World Series
He was the first player to have a candy bar named after him
Part of the core 4, he won 5 World Series Rings
He won 9 Gold Glove awards- most by a Yankee
He is the only Yankee to get 3000 hits
He hit the first Home Run at Yankee Stadium
He is the last Yankee to win MVP
He played 163 Games in 2003
He holds the Yankee record for most strikeouts in a season (batter)
First Yankee to hit a pinch hit World Series home run

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