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God of Bacon
God of Awesomeness
God of Explosions
God of War and Sparta
Hoko of Hoko
Goddess of the Past
God of the Present
Goddess of the Future
Goddess of Death
Goddess of Life
Goddess of Sexism
Goddess of the Night
God of the Day
God of Darkness
Goddess of Masculinity
God of Femininity
Transgender Deity of Transgenderism
Hoko of Oppositeness
Goddess of Marriage
Goddess of Birth
God of Torture
God of Eternal Punishment
God of the Underworld
Goddess of Water
God of Air
God of Fire
Goddess of Earth
Goddess of Wisdom
God of Entertainment
Goddess of the Brain
Goddess of Math
Goddess of Language Arts
Goddess of Science
God of Social Studies
Hoko of Random Letters
Transgender Deity of Humans
God of Comedy
God of Bad Puns
God of Electronic Entertainment
Goddess of Electricity
God of the Arts
Hoko of Things There Aren't Gods For
Hoko of Uncreative Names
Goddess of Plays and Dramas
God of Music
Goddess of Art
God of Magic
Goddess of Musicals
Goddess of String Instruments
God of Woodwind Instruments
God of Percussion Instruments
Goddess of Brass Instruments
Goddess of Singing
Goddess of Cubism
God of Pastels and Paints
Goddess of Drawing
God of Being Vertical
God of Slantness
God of Fonts
God of TVs
God of Movies
Goddess of Writing
God of Geometry
God of Algebra
God of Eating
God of Calculus
God of Soup and Pre-Algebra
Goddess of Censoring
Goddess of History
God of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

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