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Prison Break Questions seasons 1-5

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What state is Fox river in
Where did Michael go to college
What cell number did Michael call home
Who was Michael's second cellmate
What was Lincoln's nickname
Who cut off Michael's toes
Who in the prison owns a cat
What drug does Michael need from C-note
What is Lincoln's scheduled execution date
Where do they escape from
How many prisoners begin the escape
How many prisoners actually escape
Where is Westmoreland's money
Who is the first prisoner to die
Who ends up with the money for the longest amount of time,
Who kills agent Kim
What is Michael and Lincoln's boat called
Which agent helps Sara avoid jail time
Who kills Tweener
What prison is Michael sent to in Panama
What is Sucre's 'job' at the prison
Who is Michael instructed to break out of prison
What does Lincoln find in the box in the parking garage
Who is discovered to be alive at the beginning of season 4
What is Tbag's undercover name
Who does Don Self works for
How many Scylla cards are there
Who does Gretchen have a child with
What is Gretchen's daughter's name
Who does Sara kill in season 4
Who is perceived to be dead at the end of season 4,
How many years are between seasons 4 and 5?
What is Sara's new husband's name
Where does Sara live now
Who does Lincoln owe money to
What country is Michael located at the beginning of season 5
Who does Lincoln go to for help finding Michael
Who set Michael up
Who is Whip's father?
What characters are sent to Fox River at the end

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