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Forced Order
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Have to adore their beloved leader, poor, disciplined
Desolate country, live on their horses, have a pet yak
Olives, goat cheese, all wear gowns, do weird dances for their gods, hate Turks
Oil, jealous men, rich, camel races, sand people
Big noses, funny hats, curly hair, unwanted neighbour
Little Germany, nationalistic, yodelling, lederhosen
Racists, rugby, criminals, springbok
Backwards, my sister is number five prostitute in all of the country
Little people, rice eaters, cute girls, dangerous, eat cats and dogs
Huge moustaches, headscarfs, smokers, nationalistic, kebab, hate most of their neighbours, dirty
Quiet, gross soups, car thieves, sick of being invaded by everyone
Sheep, rugby, sheep, they're actually Australians, sheep
Parties, spicy food, elephant rides, prostitutes, dangerous sex
Men wearing skirts, rough, highlands, tight fisted, haggis

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