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Can you name the World Cup Records?

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Most own goals conceded in one tournament (nation)
Number of teams participated in 1930
Portugal v Netherlands 2006 clash is known also as the Battle Of... (city
Scored the competition's 2,000th goal (Swedish player)
Scored five goals in one match (player)
Leading goalscorer (all-time)
Number of CONCACAF nations participated in tournament since inception up to 2010
First penalty shootout (year)
Record attendance in a tournament match (city)
Most consecutive minutes without conceding a goal (Italian goalkeeper)
Longest unbeaten streak (manager)
Most appearances as captain (player)
Most played fixture (? vs ?)
Most semi-final appearances (team)
Eliminated from first round in all eight appearances made (nation)
Highest goal average in a tournament (year)
Sent off in consecutive World Cups (player)
Only host nation to be eliminated in the first round (nation)
Most finals appearances (player)
Won tournament as captain and coach
East Germany's only tournament appearance (year)
Fewest matches played (nation)
Represented by nine players playing for Soviet Union in one match (club)
Club represented by four World Cup winning captains
First African side to play in the competition

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