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Can you name the trivia answers based on the Harry Potter books?

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TriviaAnswerAnswer Location
Wizard who bows to Harry in a shop Sorcerer's Stone
House elf of Hepzibah SmithHalf-Blood Prince
Plant that Neville brings to schoolOrder of the Phoenix
Previous Hogwarts Hedmaster (full name)Chamber of Secrets
Ravenclaw's mottoDeathly Hallows
Dumbledore's 'few words' Sorcerer's Stone
Voldemort's mother's nameHalf-Blood Prince
Ron's favorite Quidditch teamChamber of Secrets
What is Hermione told she does not possess? Prisoner of Azkaban
Ginny's first boyfriendOrder of the Phoenix
TriviaAnswerAnswer Location
Stone that saves victim from most poisonsSorcerer's Stone
Bulgarian Quidditch team's mascotGoblet of Fire
Contents of Dumbledore's Howler to PetuniaOrder of the Phoenix
Mirror of ___________Sorcerer's Stone
Fatal to a basiliskChamber of Secrets
Number of Christmas trees that Hagrid puts in the Great Hall each yearSorcerer's Stone
Number code for the visitor's entrance to the Ministry of MagicOrder of the Phoenix
In what part of St. Mungo's is Lockhart?Order of the Phoenix
What kind of wood is Harry's wand made from?Sorcerer's Stone
What did the boggart posing as Professor McGonagall tell Hermione in Lupin's exam?Prisoner of Azkaban

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