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Can you name the Best Picture Nominees (2010-2013)

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Tom Hooper - Colin Firth 
Danny Boyle - James Franco 
Darran Aronofsky - Natalie Portman 
David O. Russell - Mark Wahlberg 
Christopher Nolan - Leonardo Dicaprio 
Lisa Cholodenko - Annette Bening 
David Fincher - Jessie Eisenberg 
Lee Unkrich - Tom Hanks 
The Coen Brothers - Jeff Bridges 
Debra Granik - Jennifer Lawrence 
Michel Hazanavicius - Jean Dejurdin 
Alexander Payne - George Clooney 
Stephen Daldry - Max Van Sydow 
Tate Taylor - Emma Stone 
Martin Scorsese - Ben Kingsley 
Woody Allen - Owen Wilson 
Bennett Miller - Brad Pitt 
Terrance Malick - Brad Pitt 
Steven Spielberg - Jeremy Irvine  
Ben Affleck - Alan Arkin 
Michael Haneke - Jean-Louis Trintignant 
Benh Zeitlin - Quvenzhane Wallis 
Quentin Tarantino - Jamie Foxx 
Tom Hooper - Hugh Jackman 
Ang Lee - Suraj Sharma 
Steven Spielberg - Daniel Day Lewis 
David O. Russell - Bradley Cooper 
Kathyrn Bigelow - Jessica Chastain 
Steve McQueen - Chiwetel Ejiofor 
David O. Russell - Christian Bale 
Paul Greengrass - Tom Hanks 
Jean-Marc Vallee - Matthew Mcconaughey 
Alfonso Cuaron - Sandra Bullock 
Spike Jonze - Joaquin Phoenix 
Alexander Payne - Bruce Dern 
Stephen Frears - Judi Dench 
Martin Scorsese - Leonardo Dicaprio 
Alejandro Inarritu - Michael Keaton 
Clint Eastwood - Bradley Cooper 
Richard Linklater - Patricia Arquette 
Wes Anderson - Ralph Fiennes 
Morten Tyldum - Benedict Cumberbatch 
Ava DuVernay - David Oyelowo 
James Marsh - Eddie Redmayne 
Damien Chazelle - Miles Teller 

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