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Father of Theseus
waht did Aegeus place inside the stone a pair of shoes and a
who offered Theseus passage by ship
Who tied people to a tree and flung the tree to kill them
Who made victims kneel before kicking them over the ledge
The bed that Procrustes used was made from
Who put the idea of poisoning Theseus into Aegeus' head
Where did she flee afterwards
Who was the son of Minos who died
EVery ___ years, 14 youth were sent to crete
minos' wife
Aegeus was watching for his son from the
only office that theseus kept (all in hyphens)
Amazon that Theseus brought away (starts with A)
Her other name
Her sister
Rash friend Theseus saved form the boar hunt
His friend of the king of
Who rescued Helen from Theseus
Who did Theseus call on to curse his son
Who killed Theseus

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