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god needed hercules help to conquer the
once when he was too hot, he threatened to shoot the
He was held to e a son of
Mother of Hercules
brained his music master with a
When he was 18 he killed the thespian lion who lived in the woods of
After he conquered the Minyans, he married
Who persuaded Hercules not to commit suicide
The priestness told him to go to his cousin who ruled Mycenae, named
Other name of Mycenae
First labor was to kill sthe ___ of Nemea
2nd was to kill the Hydra which lived at
Third was to capture the stag of artemis (gold horns) who lived in the forests of
Fourth was the boar of
Fifth was to clean the _____stables
^th was to drive away the _____ birds causing a plague
7th was to fetch the ___ of minos
He rescued the wife of admetus called
Zeus killed Apollo's son
Zeus punished Apollo because Apollo killed the
on his way to diomedes rested at friend ___ ' house
8th was to get the man-eating mares of
9th was to get the _____ of Hippolyta
10th was the cattle of _______
Geryon with 3 bodies lived on
at the end of the mediterranean, hercules set up 2 pillars of hercules called gibraltar and
11th was to get the golden apple of the
On his way to atlas he freed
12th was to bring back
Giant who challenged people and made roof of skulls
He fought this river god for Deianira
He won becasue broke the ___ of him when he became a bull
he rescued the daughter of Laomedon at
Gave her hand in marriage to ___ of Salamis
When King _____ Eurytus offended him, Hercules killed his son
Zeus forced him to serve as a slave to ____ of Lydia
Eurytus' daughter ____ was among the captive women
Centaur whose bllod made the potion of Deianira
Asked for his pyre on Mount

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