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Pyramus and Thusbe agreed to meet at the Tomb of
What scared thisbe and made her run away
inventor of the flute
inventor of the sheppard's pipe
inventor of the pipe of reeds
orpheus' father was a pricne of
what were the tears of Pluto made from
what was euydice's last words to Orpheus
maenads flung orpheus' head into the river of
who did Alycone pray to the most (latin name)
the abode of sleep is near the country of the
what floweres bloom at the door of the abode of Sleep
waht color is Somnus' couch
son of somnus
how many days are the halycn days
how many times did the flame jump for pygmalion
what were the color of the heifers offered to venus
what is the name of Venus' favorite city
What was the roof of Baucis and Philemon's hut made from
what were the cups of the couple made from
what color was the roof of the temple jupiter built for the couple
most say that endymion was a
Endymion lay on the blade of
was color was the form of selene that appeared
who was apollo's first love
who was the father of daphne
silver ___ shaded the place arethusa bathed (trees)
they say a wooden___ will appear in the arethusa if thrown in the alpheus
Alpheus loved
Daphne was transformed into a ___ tree
What did Baucis and Philemon try to serve to the gods but failed
Baucis and Philemon served eggs, radishes, pork, cabbage and _____ (Plural)

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