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Can you name the the gods, creation and earliest heroes?

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City Mount Olympus is located in
gate of clouds to olympus kept by
zeus told his family to fasten a rope of ____ to him and try to drag him down
The greek army at troy is told that this god does not help liars
favorite city of Hera
introduced bridle to man
latin word for rich
Greeks call death
Temple of Athena
What was Apollo's bow made from
Sacred river of Apollo
Serpent python lived in the caves of
huntsman-in-chief to the gods
Which places were held to be ghostly places of evil magic
Mother of Aphrodite in the Illiad
Tree of Aphrodite
Mother of Hermes
maternal grandfather of hermes
invented the lyre from which animal
Latin name of Enyo
isle where hephaestus fell
aphrodite's name in the illiad
how many vestal virgins cared for Hestia's hearth
Idea of Eros/Cupid best summed by
god of the weddign feast
Zeu's ___ carried Ganymede up to Olympus
Grace of mirth
Mother of the graces
Muse of Tragedy
Mountain where the muses were born
Who says that the lyre is both the muses' and Apollo's
Companion of Zeus (Human Justice)
underground rivers belonged to this god
father of nereus
Where did the dead pass as soon as they died
Who presents the location of Hades in the most detail
River of Lamentation
gate to Tartarus was made from
River of Fire
Who says 'Not even the sun will transgress his orbit but the Erinyes, the ministers of justice, overtake him'
Judge of the dead who did not descend from Europa
Pan was born in
the sons of ___ were special protectors of sailors
At the land of Idas and Lynceus, Idas killed
Some say the dispute was about the daughters of
Which greek writer suggests that when one tyndaridae goes to heaven, the other to earth so they are never together
Castor and Pollux are always represented as riding horses of this color
nymphs of the mountain

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