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QUIZ: Can you name the Royal House of Thebes?

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The area around the place Thebes was founded was called
How many of the dragon teeth men became Cadmus' helpers
Who was the mother of Melicertes
What did her name later get changed to
Pentheus' mother was
Cadmus and Harmonia got changed into serpents when they reached
Great-grandson of Cadmus
How many great gates of Troy were there
Laius was murdered where three roads meet on the way to
How many companions were with Laius when he died
Younger son of Oedipus
Regent after Polyneices resigned
Oedipus and Antigone settled here
Creon's younger son
Adrastus fled with the broken Argive army to
Sister of Antigone who disappeared
Mother of theseus
Wife of one of the seven of thebes who was of mighty wealth yet always humble
Sons of the Seve champions are called

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