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Father of Danae
the house acrisius built for danae was made out of
Acrisius did not kill Perseus in fear of Zeus and
Brother of the fisherman who found Danae
To learn where the gorgons lived he went to the city of
The priestess of Delphi told him to go to Dodona where the ____ lived
Hermes told him that the ___ of the North had the equipment he needed
the gray women lived in the land of the
Who guided Perseus to the gorgons
Athena gave a shield of ___ to Perseus
The Hyperboreans lived at the back of the ____wind
what was Perseus' magic wallet made from
Andromeda was the daughter of the queen named
Andromeda's father was
While he left for Greece Perseus made ____ king
Perseus went to the great athletic contest of King
His event was
The son of Perseus and Andromeda

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