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Phaethon's mother
What the sun-god had to take off so Phaethon could see him
Animal Phaethon almost ran into
Which river recieved his body
His sisters were turned into what kind of tree
City later called Corinth
son of sisyphus
mother of bellerophon
pegasus sprung from who/waht's blood
Wise seer of corinth
Bellerophon found Pegasus drinking at this spring
Wife of Proetus who loved Bellerophon
Sent Bellerophon to the King of
Lycian king entertained Bellerophon for this many days
First groups of warriors Bellerophon fought against
horse who brings Zeus' thunder and lightning to him
Otus and Ephialtes were
Son of Earth who was handsomer than them
Mother's husband
Mother (begins with I)
Others say mother was (begins with C)
Tried to pile Pelion on
Ephialtes thought he loved
Son of architect of the labyrinth
Daedalus sought safety where
Who was slain while Minos tried to arrest Daedalus

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